I am an independent professional visual artist, with over 15 years' hands on teaching experience in U.S. and abroad. 
At the age of 13, I began learning how to paint with my father, who is an established artist, in an informal studio class. Later, I decided to pursue higher education in fine arts and received my BFA and MFA degrees. While working on my Bachelor’s degree, I began teaching in schools and later in my private studio. 
My expertise is to help others to discover their special talent, as I believe every person has a unique sense of creation. As an experienced art teacher and mentor, I have always provided a solid education for every one of my students and I have demonstrated an ability to engage students from diverse academic backgrounds and age groups. 
My goal is to develop an understanding of and enthusiasm for arts in others by addressing different learning styles. I demonstrate both traditional practices and contemporary critical and technical approaches to painting. 
Along with coursework and research, being a professional visual artist has shaped who I am as a teacher. Through experiencing variety of techniques I have become familiar with alternate ways of visualizing and pushing the boundaries of innovation. I would love to share this perspective with my students whenever possible.

Drawing:  My students vary from those who seek to become great artists, to those who need to use drawing to develop their ideas and creativity for other fields such as science, architecture, engineering, etc. I take my students through all the essentials they need to develop their skills and reach their goals.

Painting:  Although principles of painting are my priority while teaching art, I allow individuals to motivate their creativity and to discover new ways based on their potentials and skills. My areas of expertise include Acrylic, Oil color, Pencil and Mixed media to all experienced levels.


Enjoy one on one art class with me and let me help you to discover the power of your inner artist!
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Azadeh Hussaini
Visual Artist & Art Instructor
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