Azadeh Hussaini

"My inspiration is rooted in my own life, the relationship between nature, people, and culture drawn from my personal experience as well as my observations of society at large.
My thirst as an artist is to seek the similarities and common desires of human regardless of race, culture, gender or any other subcategories and utilize all the possibilities to establish a common visual conversation with viewers.
While I capture the sound and silence of my emotional experience, my works are deeply imbued with emotions of observing other's life stories."
Azadeh Hussaini
Azadeh Hussaini completed her MFA at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 2013 and completed her undergraduate studies in 1999 receiving her BFA from the Painting Azad University in Iran. 
Her pursuit of Art Education and the experiences that shaped her journey as an immigrant visual artist has nurtured her artistic expression. Her work embodies the utilization of various mediums that incorporate the exploration of her own emotional responses to her experiences while congruently ascertaining the basic primordial desires within the human condition aspiring to discover commonalities among us while providing forums for open discussion and social assertiveness.
She currently works and resides in Chicago.